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Denver Prep Academy

Denver Prep Academy is one of Colorado’s premier preparatory academies. At this private high school, young people are inspired to achieve their dreams and goals both as athletes and as scholars. Teachers show students how to think critically about the world around them as coaches provide young athletes with world-class, collegiate-level training.

Through this, DPA is building an elite team of focused young men who can both play and think about the game. These incredibly talented, hard-working individuals are committed to becoming one of the top basketball teams in the nation—and the Oxi Fresh Arena is where they train.

Oxi Fresh is proud to host this powerhouse of a team!


T2 Basketball

Every kid has their passion or passions—the things they love to do, the activities and hobbies that shape who they become. For many young people, their passion is basketball. T2 is here to provide a positive community where kids can embrace their love of the game and grow as both players and people.

Through basketball camps and club games, T2 teaches players the fundamentals of the game, how to work as a team, and how to be servant-leader. Players train under experienced, knowledgeable coaches and play against other local teams, gaining valuable life experiences on and off the court.

T2 runs many of their camps and hosts games at the Oxi Fresh Arena. We’re proud to have them here!